Welcome to Camer E-Mailing the Cameroonian leader in e-mailing.


For whom is it for?

  • You have a project to be realized in Cameroon
  • You have a product to promote to  many potential customers  in a short time
  • You want to make a marketing campaign for your products and services in Cameroon
  • You are looking for a targeted product or a typical product
  • You are simply looking for new customers in Cameroon

Then camer e-mailing is the solution.

Why should you choose us ?

With its database of more than 10.000 e-mails of  professionals in Cameroon and with more than 450 new addresses a month, Cameroon  E-mailing is is the ideal partner in the accompanying and the launch of your products in Cameroon.

It has greater  experience in E-Marketing for several years in Cameroon, Cameroon E-Mailing is without any doubt the first person receiving benefits of E-Mailing in Cameroon today.

Our engagements

Tecacom is one of those servicing providing company who believes firmly in  human values and especially in the respect for private life.

By subscribing to our mailing list to receive our offers, beyond the fact that it is immense honor for Tecacom, we guarantee you an exclusive use in our services. Third parties do not have access to our email address database and more especially we do not sell your email addresses.

Your online quote
‘’You are Unique so are our Offers too’’

We propose services adapted to your needs.

A whole Team is in charge of establishing a fair, no-frills budget, adapted to your needs and your budget.

Therefore each quote is personalized.

You can request a quote online or you can move  directly to one of our offices in Douala or Bafoussam.

Key figures on the emailing
  • The total number of email accounts is about 4.3 billion in the world.
  • 92% of Internet users use emails, with 61% of them using it on a daily basis.
  • 53% of emails are open on mobile
  • 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content by emails

This shows  that email marketing is simply unavoidable for current communication strategies.