Email marketing is the electronic version of traditional mailing. It’s a methods of E-Marketing used for mass communication to a predefined target.

It’s a methods of E-Marketing used for mass communication to a predefined target.
It is intended to convey a message with the aim to:

  • The promotion of a product or service (Business Objective),
  • The diffusion of selected information (Communicative Objective): invitation to an event, participation in a trade show, etc …

Among these methods of Direct Marketing,  the mailing or direct mailing, the faxing that you probably know, phoning that is always very practical in the commercial approache

, as well as Mobile Marketing (SMS Marketing) and e-mailing .

– The benefits of emailing

1 – Attractive costs

The undisputed advantage of emailing is its low cost: low cost design, realization and sending! Emailing is much more affordable than other media such as direct mail. It also allows you to customize your message (in object or content) in an automated way.

2 – Targeted control

The creation of your database (preliminary step required!) Will allow you to completely master the profile of your recipients. You will be able to define very precise segmentation criteria, both traditional – demographic, geographical – and behavioral (habits of consumption, loyalty …). E-mailing is an effective way of reaching a targeted audience. Be careful to regularly update your database to limit the loss of email files.

3 – Easily  used and fast

E-mailing is very easy and quick to use. It can contain text documents but also images or animations. It makes its message attractive and powerful.

4 – Highly reactive feedback

Returns from e-mailing campaigns are particularly high and fast. Compared to most traditional methods, such as direct mail. E-mailing offers the consumers the opportunity to respond directly in a few minutes and to access all  the information in just one clicks.

5 – E-mailing is interactive

The return rate of e-mailing is  particularly high. According to the “Commercial Database”, it is estimated between 5 and 15% compared to 0.5 to 3% for postal mailing and faxing.

6 – Tracking

Thanks to the measures of the  campaign , you have an access to numerous figures allowing you to analyze the feedback and the impact of your e-mailing. You will be able to a report on the number of e-mails opened,  number of e-mail transfers and the number of clicks to follow the behavior of your recipients.